Data Privacy Policy

Data Privacy Policy

The Club has a legitimate interest in acquiring, processing and holding data about players and parents/coaches, including (without limitation)

  • Players: name, gender, date of birth, nationality and home address
  • Parents/Coaches: name, home address, email and telephone numbers

The Club will use reasonable endeavours, commensurate with its standing as a community Club run by volunteers, to protect the confidentiality of such data. The Club may share data about players and parents/coaches internally for the purposes of running the Club. The Club will not share data about players and parents/coaches with other bodies, except as may be required for the proper functioning of the Club (for example, data about players may be shared with the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) and any leagues or bodies of which the Club is a member and data about coaches may be used for the purposes of Garda Vetting and related processes).

Player and Parent data is also held by EPP, who provide the online system through which Club subscriptions are paid. Please refer to the Security Policy of EPP for further information, available via the “Pay your Subs” tab on the Club website.

Parents are requested to notify the Treasurer if they decide to leave the Club, whereon relevant data will be deleted unless retention is required under applicable laws or regulations.