Instructions to Return Results

Instructions to Enter Results

The results are gathered using Google Sheets so that the scripts can be used to automatically process and format the results for returning to the DDSL fixtures Secretaries. This also allows access to be restricted to the age group Team Mangers.

After you click on the link in the email  'Please enter the Result for your Beechwood Game - Automated Message' or from the website Return Results page you may need to use the Google Sheets APP to enter the score.

You have to select the white box (cols G & H), which then allows you to enter a number in the formula bar, where it says 'Enter text or formula'. When you click on that space or the 'pen' icon a number keypad comes up. Only numbers are allowed and only cols G & H can be edited. Please do not use Add Comment to enter results as this does not work.

See the following screenshots from a mobile Phone as an example.