Beechwood F.C. Premier League Fantasy Football League

Beechwood FC Fantasy Football League FR

FUNDRAISER for RHD and for Beechwood FC

We are launching a fundraising event in the form of a Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football BFC League! As well as generating some revenue to be shared between RHD and BFC, we thought that we would have a bit of healthy banter as our club members set up their own teams to compete with our Professional Club Coaches (Jack, Connor and Dave) and our Club Chairman, Steve Masterson!

COVID 19 Restrictions have created quite an impact on how we have operated this year - not least making fundraising in the club difficult/near impossible in 2020. We have not had our Annual Social Dinner or indeed our RHD Family Fun Day/Soccer blitz, so we thought we would try something new!

Christmas is a busy match time for the Premier League so our BFC Fantasy Football League will formally open up on December 7th. You can set up your team whenever you like using the Barclays Premier App. To join our league however, you need a code which you will receive on paying your donation which you can do as of the 27th November.

Prizes will be shared along the way, the ultimate awaiting the League Winners at the end of the season!

Entry fee /donation is 20 euro, but the amount donated is discretionary.

To join the league, please follow these steps:

1) Go to (or download the app from Google Play or the iPhone App Store). Create your team. Make sure that we can easily recognise who owns your team when entering a name for your squad!

2) When your team is set up, go to our subs page and pay your donation.

On  payment you will be sent instructions with a CODE to enter our Private Beechwood League. 

3) To join the Beechwood league, go to  the Leagues Tab in the app and select Private Classic Leagues. You will be asked for a CODE - use the code provided in the email forwarded to you on payment. On entering the code you will join the Beechwood FC League.

4) You will also be asked to click on a link in the instructions sent to you on payment. This link will bring you to a form where we will ask you to enter your team name and mobile number such that your league team can be included in the Beechwood Fantasy Football WhatsApp group!