Pay Your Sub Existing Parent and New Child

If you are a parent who already has a child in the Club but want a sibling to join, do not pay subs for the new child until the Club has confirmed there is a place available (but note that we give preference to siblings of existing players when allocating available spaces within the Club).  If you have not got a confirmed place for your second (or subsequent) child, please go to the New Joiners tab in the Members Area and follow the instructions there to apply for a place for your child.

Once you have a place confirmed then return to this tab and follow these instructions to pay your subs.

  • Review the Club’s Code of Conduct which incorporates our Child Protection Policy and the Data Privacy Policy. It is a condition of membership that players and parents agreed to abide by the Code.
  • Then click the “Proceed to pay subs” button, and you will come to the list of available subs, which are:
    • First Child at €300
    • Second Child at €225
    • Third Child at €100
    • There is no charge for a fourth child

Click the “Add to bill” button as appropriate in respect of your additional child.

  • This will take you to the online payment site “Easy Payments Plus”.  Since you are an existing member of the Club with an account in EPP, please log in.
  • The next screen is really important please: where it says “Select the name of the person in relation to” your new child’s name will not be listed so please use the “Add name” button and set up your child as a player (complete all the fields).  This ensures that subs are reported against the correct child’s name, which makes it a lot easier to track which subs have been paid.
  • Then click “Proceed to Payment” or, if you also want to pay subs for your existing child(ren), use “Add more items” and repeat the relevant steps.
  • Once your payment has been successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation email from EPP.

Please note that transaction service costs are also payable: a fixed fee of €2.50 is charged in respect of each transaction (which can comprise payment for more than one child), irrespective of whether payment is made by debit card or credit card (since the costs for such payments are broadly the same).

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Treasurer, Donie Corbett, preferably by email to